Tips On How To Give A New Twist To The Gifts Tested By Time

Has it been a while since you did something special for the lady love of your life? Are you looking for out of the box, extra special ideas for gifts? Or are you trying to figure out how to make the regular gifts appear a little more special than usual?

If the answer is yes to any or all of the above questions, then you’ve come to the right place; coz we have the answers to your questions.

We’ve put together a few oh-so-familiar gifts, and our particular twist in them to make it a little extra special.

Keep reading if we’ve got your attention…!

The oldest gift.

Flowers; probably a gift idea that’s as old as mankind. And why not, when flowers are known to save some of the biggest blunders that happen in relationships? In fact, it should be known as the wonder gift! But if you are thinking of flowers as a gift, then remember that flowers are greatly appreciated when they are least expected. And try not to get her flowers every birthday please (this makes women think you lack imagination!).

Our twist: get her flower plants instead of cut flowers. It’s something that’ll grow and last longer, reminding her of your sweet gesture. This also subtly signifies that you plan on sticking around longer.

Rock and gold and bling.

True, not all jewellery has rock or gold or bling. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t already proved to be a brilliant gift. This of course depends on what type of jewellery you buy, and how long your relationship has lasted,

Our twist: go for something unexpected, like body jewellery. Treat her for a high quality lip piercing or a nose ring.

If you feel she’d appreciate something more adventurous than lip piercing jewellery, then think about a stunning collection of jewelries. Be daring, but only if she approves!

Rich and sweet and irresistible.

We’re talking about chocolates of course! Just like flowers and jewellery, chocolates too are an age old choice and have proven time and time again their worth. It’s an ideal “pick me up” gift. Just make sure not to skimp on the quality here though.
Our twist: try to find those delicious and sinful chocolates filled with liquor. It’s definitely a luxury, and she will definitely approve. Just make sure that she has no problem with alcohol.

Naughty with satin and lace.

Admit it, buying your girlfriend or wife lingerie is a gift for yourself as much as it is for her. This one here though, could be either hit or miss. This depends largely on your girlfriend, and how you present your gift. Remember that it’s she who has to wear it, so it’s best to take her along than to surprise her with this gift.

Our twist: encourage her to buy something that is more for comfort and support that it is for sexiness. This will make her feel appreciated, for sure.

Above all, it’s the time you spend for her, and on her will be what she notices and appreciates the most.

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