Give Yourself A Makeover

Are you in your late twenties or early thirties? Have the last few years if stressful work, late nights and catching up on student debts taken its toll on you? Perhaps your body isn’t in as great shape. While there isn’t an ideal shape or size that you need to be, feeling good and healthy are important as they can affect your happiness and health. Here are some tips on how you could give yourself a makeover that will give you a new lease on life!

Get healthy
Start by getting healthy. If you feel healthy then you are likely to feel better about your life and have a more positive outlook. Start by evaluating your diet. Look at all the unhealthy food choices you are making and come up with a plan to eat healthy foods. For instance, if you work late nights and are very busy during the day you may be eating a lot of take out and fast food. Your lunches, rather than being well balanced meals may be a sandwich from a deli or a bag of crisps and a soda – neither of which are good for you. In order to counter the busy week, prep your meals over the weekend. You can prep vegetables and fruits that you can box individually so that you simply grab a box to go. You can cook up a big batch of plain brown rice so that you can toss in serving with your salad or else bake some chicken to go with. The chicken can be shredded in for a salad or sandwich for two more lunches.

Change your look
Stress and late nights can affect your look. Often stress causes hair loss, in which case you may want to look into hair replacement treatments. Do your research thoroughly before committing to a dermatologist Melbourne hair loss treatment as some can involve chemicals that are harmful to your body. You could also start getting more sleep or getting to bed at a reasonable hour. This will get rid of the bags under your eyes and if you are well rested this will reflect itself in your appearance.

Get some exercise
Exercise is great for your body! You can start out by joining a gym or starting an exercise class to get in your daily work out. Or start small. Walk a couple of blocks a day and stretch your muscles. Gradually increase the distance you walk and work your way up to starting to jog and then run. The trick is not to overdo it, because that is when you over tire yourself and quit.

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